"I create jewelry to bring sensuality and delight to the women wearing my designs."

Jennifer Buchanan draws inspiration from the innate beauty and elegance of the human body as well as the precious and semiprecious gems and pearls themselves. "In the human body I find a symmetry with standing still, a balance that is static. When we move to walking there is asymmetry with balance that occurs with the first step. There is a curiosity that follows this beginning that I think is archetypal-- our interest is piqued and we want to see more. From this awareness I design my jewelry with elements of movement and whimsy."

Jewelry is one aspect of a rich and unfolding life for Jennifer. She is in awe and wonder of her children, in love with her husband, and passionate about her practice as a dentist focusing on the treatment of orofacial pain and sleep breathing disorders. "All my life I've been a 'maker', very comfortable working with my hands. I enjoy feeling the sense of the spiritual in the elements of the physical. I've always been curious and intrigued about how things work and why. For me, cell physiology is poetry."

Designing and creating jewelry is a meditative process for Jennifer. "The rhythm of fabrication, the ebb and flow of design, these elements feel fundamental to who I am and how I express myself through my jewelry."